SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.
SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

Solar Pakistan 2024 –SolaX Dedicated to Powering Pakistan's Journey Towards Energy Independence

From February 27th to February 29th, SolaX illuminated Solar Pakistan 2024 with its visionary technologies and unwavering commitment to advancing the adoption of clean energy solutions across the nation. As Pakistan seeks to diversify its energy mix and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, events like Solar Pakistan serve as critical catalysts for driving innovation and shaping the future of energy.


SolaX's presence at Solar Pakistan 2024 was marked by a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge solar technologies designed to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to harness the abundant energy of the sun. At the heart of SolaX's exhibit was its commitment to delivering solutions that are not only efficient and reliable but also accessible and adaptable to Pakistan's unique energy needs.


Our Commercial & Industrial X3-FORTH reaches an impressive 99% efficiency. It can maximize the energy generation with multiple features like 12 MPPTs, 150% PV oversizing input, and 110% overloading output. Rest assured with reliable protection at every level, including AFCI protection, AC terminal temperature detection, SPD protection, and IP66 protection, ensuring the highest safety standard.


SolaX New X3-ULTRA (15-30kW) is designed to seamlessly integrate with all types of PV panels, allowing for a maximum 36A DC input per MPPT. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of solar setups. Achieving an impressive 200% PV oversizing, the X3-ULTRA ensures that every ounce of DC energy is harnessed efficiently, leaving no room for wastage. This results in higher yields and fuller utilization of available solar resources. With dual battery ports, the X3-ULTRA provides the freedom to connect batteries either separately or in parallel, offering flexibility in energy storage configurations. This adaptability makes it a versatile solution for varying energy storage needs.


X3-IES is a modularly designed energy storage system that integrates a 3~15kW hybrid inverter, BMS and extensible battery modules, ranging from 10kWh to 30kWh. Featuring safety, powerful performance, and intelligence, this all-in-one system is tailored for residential and small commercial and industrial applications such as houses, villas, bakeries, grocery stores, and more. It aims to provide reliability, ease of use, and savings on your energy bills.


As the sun sets on Solar Pakistan 2024, SolaX's commitment to powering Pakistan's solar revolution remains unwavering. With a portfolio of innovative solutions and a passion for sustainability, SolaX stands ready to partner with Pakistan as it charts a course towards a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future powered by the sun.

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