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ALL ENERGY AUSTRALIA 2023 –SolaX Left a Lasting Impression on Booth Visitors


All-Energy Australia is an annual event that brings together the entire spectrum of the clean energy industry, encompassing solar, wind, hydro, and other sustainable technologies. The 2023 exhibition was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, a hub for showcasing the latest innovations in renewable energy and sustainable solutions.


SolaX's presence at All-Energy Australia 2023 on Oct.25 to 26 shed light on the evolving landscape of solar energy in Australia. The country is experiencing a surge in demand for clean energy solutions, driven by the need to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The government's incentives and initiatives to support renewable energy projects, such as rooftop solar installations and large-scale solar farms, have played a pivotal role in the sector's growth.


The SolaX X1-BOOST G4 and X1-MINI G4 stood out at the booth due to their impressive features. For improved yield efficiency, the X1-BOOST G4 offers two MPPT channels with a voltage range of 40-560V. Meanwhile, the X1-MINI G4 is exceptionally lightweight and compact, weighing just 5.2kg, possibly making it the lightest product in its power category available in today's market. Both the X1-BOOST G4 and X1-MINI G4 come with built-in global MPP scan and support 200% oversizing DC input, making them highly adaptable to the high-power modules currently available.


The commercial and industrial (C&I) on-grid inverters from SolaX left a lasting impression on booth visitors. To ensure maximum power output, the X3-FORTH features 12 MPPTs, 32A of input current, and 150% excess PV power capacity. The X3-MEGA G2 boasts remarkable characteristics, including an outstanding efficiency rating of 98.4% and a maximum DC voltage of 1100V. Thanks to its IP66 certification, the X3-MEGA G2 can be installed outdoors and can be linked to four different panel arrays.


The energy storage system created by combining the X3-Hybrid inverter with the T-BAT H5.8 enables the generation of electricity from solar energy for home consumption during the day, while excess energy is used to charge the batteries with free, clean solar power once the background load is met. In the evening, after the sun has set, the stored energy is discharged to power the home, and the batteries are charged at a more cost-effective tariff.


SolaX X3-ULTRA & X1-IES now have received the prestigious AS/NZS 4777.2:2020, awarded by world's leading TÜV Rheinland. This certification ensures that our products meet the highest safety standards and comply with the latest regulations in Australia and New Zealand.


SolaX's impressive presence at All-Energy Australia 2023 reaffirmed its position as a key player in the solar energy industry. With innovative products, technical expertise, and a sustainable vision, SolaX is well-equipped to lead the charge in Australia's renewable energy transformation. As the nation continues its journey toward a cleaner, greener future, SolaX's contributions and dedication to solar energy will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the landscape of clean energy solutions in the country.

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