PV & Storage & EV Charging

Form an intellgent photovoltaic, storage and EV charging energy system through the communication between the smart EV charger and SolaX Power inverter. Efficient and flexible configuration of the all-in-one system, to satisfy users’ individual demands. Realize the cascade utilization of the power grid and reduce the electricity cost of users.

Residential Solution

SolaX provides high-efficiency residential photovoltaic power station solutions that fully support high-efficiency high-power photovoltaic modules. Mppt has a wide range of work, control heat pumps and other smart loads easily, increase photovoltaic power generation, and control electricity costs. Allow users to experience green smart energy anytime, anywhere.

Commercial & Industrial & Utility

Sunshine bank on the roof. With an industrial energy theme, SolaX introduces commercial and rooftop-scale string inverters with quality, reliability and efficiency. Under the condition that the built-in output is guaranteed to be stable, the power capacity is continuously improved and the user’s electricity cost is saved.

SolaX Cloud

Fingers could control and remote control the system. To help improve grid stability and home intelligence. To achieve zero carbon in data. SolaX Cloud makes it simple.

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