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SolaX Won Red Dot Award 2021 For Its Breakthrough X-ESS G4

SolaX Power has received the Red Dot Award Product Design 2021 for its latest released X-ESS G4 Energy Storage System, recognizing the innovative design and breakthrough technology behind the future-home concept, all-in-one residential solar system.

X-ESS G4 Energy Storage System is more than an ideal residential solar solution. It is a piece of art at home. With its minimalized modular design, the whole system can be easily installed in different sizes and styles of houses, and fit in well with the tone of the house.

With single-phase system ranging from 3kW to 7.5kW, and three-phase system ranging from 5kW to 15kW, X-ESS G4 can meet the energy demand of different households. What’s more, the whole system is IP65 rated, which means that it is sealed from dust, sand, moisture and water. It can therefore be installed permanently outdoors or used for temporary outdoor rigs, even in bad weather.

As for the system structure, the system consists of three parts: one X-hybrid G4 inverter, one X-Matebox, and up to four pieces of Triple Power Battery 3.0. Designed for simplicity, each part of X-ESS G4 is super-slim and lightweight. This simple design can minimalize the time it takes on system installation. Traditionally, it may take two or three installers using an average of three hours to complete a hybrid system installation, however, it only needs one person to complete the installation of X-ESS G4 within 30 minutes. Installation is as easy as stacking up Lego pieces.

Simple but powerful, X-ESS G4 also impressed the Red Dot Jury with its outstanding features and performance.

SolaX Won Red Dot Award 2021 For Its Breakthrough X-ESS G4

X-ESS G4 is a high-efficiency, reliable, and intelligent energy storage system that meets all possible demands from people. The system supports on-grid and off-grid operations with max. 110% AC output and 150% oversized PV power, which means it can utilize the extra energy solar panels, can produce and store the excess energy to the battery for night use or emergency use. By setting battery charging and discharging periods on preference, homeowners can achieve peak shaving and load shifting with energy stored in the battery. Also, the system supports three-phase unbalanced output and zero output to maximize self-use consumption. In this way, homeowners can save even more money on electricity bills.

The system can also provide stable energy supply during emergency hours or cold weather. With battery’s fast charge and discharge feature, homeowners can fully charge the battery within one hour for emergency use, and the integrated DPDT in the Matebox enables automatic power switching between grid and backup power, even when the load is full. The battery also has a very wide working temperature range. It can work in snowy days with working environment temperature ranging from -35℃ to 60℃.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, X-ESS G4 system is an intelligent home energy manager. It is the home energy control center; all the electric devices in the home can be connected to it through the home gateway, which enables intelligent control on charge/discharge and all appliances. Not to mention, you can also connect your EV charger, hear pump, or generator to the X-ESS system according to your demand. X-ESS G4 is truly an ultimate all-in-one energy storage system, for the future and today.   

SolaX Won Red Dot Award 2021 For Its Breakthrough X-ESS G4

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About Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award is an international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. The competition is organized every year to review and recognize the best products of the year around the world. Since 1955, designers and producers can apply for the prizes, with the winners participating in an annual ceremony.

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