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Sales Manager/Director 

Work Place: Germany / Remote (According to the Company’s demand)

Type of Position: Full-time


  • Responsible for the sales and promotion of inverter products(B2B);

  • Formulate and decompose annual sales targets, follow up and achieve sales targets through the development of new customers, new channels and new markets;

  • Responsible for collecting market information of inverter industry, analyzing competitors and formulating corresponding competitive strategies;

  • Responsible for the planning and implementation of sales and marketing activities, and complete sales tasks;

  • Manage and maintain customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation plans among customers.

Job Requirements:

  • One year or above working experience, sales experience in the same industry (B2B) is preferred;

  • Experience in key account project management and direct development is preferred;

  • Keen market insight, excellent communication and coordination skills, negotiation skills and adaptability;

  • Have strategic thinking of key account sales layout and planning.

Technical Service Engineer

Work Place: Germany / Remote (According to the Company’s demand)

Type of Position: Full-time


Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide pre-sales and after-sales technical service support for sales team;

  • Assist customers in fault analysis and troubleshooting by telephone or email;

  • Analyze related data and assist to improve data accuracy and customer satisfaction;

  • Communicated with other departments and timely reported product problems;

  • Travel to provide on-site support and training to distributors and installers;

  • Attend industry conferences and events;

  • Other matters assigned by superiors.


Job Requirements:

  • Background in science, major in electricity & electrical engineering is preferred;

  • Three years or above relevant working experience, have a background in the renewable energy industry is preferred;

  • Serious attitude, sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance;

  • Have strong communication skills and teamwork spirit, and have good customer service awareness.

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