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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

SolaX Unveil Its Latest C&I and Utility Solutions at Intersolar Europe 2024

On June 19th, Intersolar Europe 2024 was grandly opened in Munich. SolaX Power brought its full range of products to the exhibition, Booth No. B1.330.


SolaX Power's solar solutions in the European market have covered micro inverters, grid-connected inverters, energy storage inverters, energy storage batteries, energy storage systems, integrated energy storage cabinets, EV chargers, and smart energy hardware and software. At the booth, SolaX Power proudly launched the new industrial and commercial energy storage solutions and utility PV solutions.


Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solutions ESS-AELIO & ESS-TRENE

ESS-AELIO is an intelligent air-cooled solution with a rated power of 50/60kW, supporting integrated cabinet and split solutions, and a rated capacity of 50-400kWh. ESS-AELIO integrates SolaX Power's self-developed EMS and BMS, and utilizes safe and reliable LFP 280Ah batteries. Real-time monitoring at the cell level, 4+1 levels of safety protection design, maximum 10 parallel units, capacity up to 4MWh.


ESS-TRENE intelligent air-cooled integrated industrial and commercial energy storage cabinet, rated power 100kW, rated capacity 215kWh. supports the fastest installation in 1 hour, real-time monitoring of the cell level, 3-stage shutdown design, multiple safety designs of pressure release + explosion release + aerosol + water sprinkler, compartmentalized design can protect against fire hazards for up to 1.5 hours, reducing economic losses caused by fire-fighting process by 93%, and intelligent working mode can increase the safety of the whole system by 10%.


Utility PV Solution X3-GRAND (300-350kW)

X3-GRAND is mainly oriented to the application scenario of utility grid, featuring high efficiency, strong safety and intelligence. It integrates 6 MPPTs totaling 30 strings, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 99%; a maximum DC input current of 75A, which is suitable for high-power modules; IP66 grade protection for the whole machine; built-in AC and DC lightning protection; support for PLC communication, which reduces the construction cost; and I-V curve scanning, which reduces the operation and maintenance cost.


This new product release not only demonstrates SolaX Power's leading edge in technological innovation and market application, but also highlights the company's firm determination to promote the development of global green energy. In the future, SolaX Power will continue to dedicate itself to innovation and R&D to provide more efficient and sustainable energy solutions for customers around the world.

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