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KEY 2024 – SolaX Shine bright at Italy with Next-Gen Solar Solutions

SolaX, a pioneer in renewable energy technologies, has made a significant impact at KEY 2024, the premier conference and exhibition for renewable energy in Italy. The event, held on Feb 28-29, provided an exceptional platform for SolaX to unveil its latest innovations and engage with industry leaders and enthusiasts.


SolaX's participation at KEY 2024 highlighted our commitment to driving the transition towards clean, sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, SolaX showcased a diverse range of solar products and technologies designed to meet the evolving needs of the renewable energy market.


Italy stands at the forefront of nations embracing solar photovoltaic energy, boasting one of the highest consumptions globally. Within the European Union, it emerges as a formidable player, ranking second only to Germany in its cumulative solar PV capacity. Italy's commitment to solar power underscores its dedication to sustainable energy practices, paving the way for a brighter, cleaner future. SolaX new products attracted a lot of people at our booth No. D2, 002.


As one of SolaX new products, X1-BOOST G4 owns wide power range, enhanced intelligence, and compatibility with home EV chargers, heat pump solutions, and microgrids set it apart. Enjoy real-time monitoring and seamless configuration for smarter energy management. Elevate your energy experience with dual MPPTs, Global MPP scan, and I-V curve diagnosis for component detection, delivering unmatched performance and convenience for a smarter, more efficient lifestyle.


Our Commercial & Industrial X3-FORTH reaches an impressive 99% efficiency. It can maximize the energy generation with multiple features like 12 MPPTs, 150% PV oversizing input, and 110% overloading output. Rest assured with reliable protection at every level, including AFCI protection, AC terminal temperature detection, SPD protection, and IP66 protection, ensuring the highest safety standard.


Besides, the new stackable battery T-BAT-SYS-HV-S2.5/3.6, featuring a maximum 45A charging/discharging rate and IP65 protection. Unique heating technology enables unrestricted charging and discharging even in frigid weather conditions, ensuring continuous operation. Plus, with a long cycle life of over 6000 cycles and a wide capacity range, our battery is designed to meet different energy needs.


SolaX extend our appreciation to the organizers of KEY 2024 for hosting a successful event that facilitates collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and progress within the renewable energy industry.

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