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1.*Please select the top 3 key features of X1-Micro 4 in 1 (SolaX 2MPPTs microinverter)that matter most to you.
Industry first 1200W 2MPPTs microinverter
Max. PV input 20A per MPPT
Stäubli MC4 connector
Compatible with mainstrean PV panels on the market, high-powered PV included
Build in Wi-Fi module, No additional gateway Required
IP67 rugged design for harsh environments
6000V surge protection secured safety in thunder and extreme conditions
Independent MPPT maximizes each panel power generation
Real-time monitoring for each panel
Accurate shutdown of the single faulty panel
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2.If the feature you are most concerned about is not on the list, please leave us a message. ( Optional)
3.If you have any suggestions, inquiries, or specific requirements regarding our product, please leave your comments. We will address them promptly. ( Optional)
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In alignment with the launch of X1-Micro 4 in 1, we're conducting the draw (Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram). In the draw, 10 individuals will have the opportunity to win a $50 USD voucher.

When will the drawing take place?

Entries collection is closed at 23:59 on July 30th (GMT+0),and the winners will be drawn on July 30th.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be randomly selected using an automated drawing tool. For greater transparency, the drawing process will be publicly shared through a video on our social media channels. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us!

How will the winners be notified?

Winners will be contacted via the email address provided.

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Winners will be announced on July 30th, and we'll contact winners via email. 

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