UK Warranty Policy

Solax inverters are manufactured by SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. The company (hereinafter referred to as Solax) provides the following warranty to the purchaser (the customer) of the inverters (the products).(Here, the customer is deemed to be the owner of the installed inverters/products at first sale). This *Limited Manufacturer Warranty is applicable for all products as listed in the Table 1, which sold from 1st Jan 2022.

1. Warranty Products This warranty applies exclusively to Solax inverters & Solax accessories (including online monitoring devices, breakers, CT/Meters/NFIs, DataHub, and EPS/Parallel/Mate boxes) manufactured and supplied either directly by Solax or through authorized partners (distributors) of Solax. All external and ancillary parts and units (eg. Monitoring/Comm devices, batteries, hardware/software controllers etc) installed with inverters by third-parties are excluded from the warranty.

2. Warranty Terms Solax warrants all goods to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, and in the event of the occurrence of a defect for which Solax is responsible during the agreed warranty period, Solax will, at its discretion:

  • Fix the problem by updating the software or change the configurations; or
  • Repair the defect on the premises of Solax or on the customer’s site; or
  • Provide an equivalent substitute (repaired, refurbished, or upgraded model with at least equivalent functions) or a new device; or
  • Have these services performed by Solax service partners who have undertaken proper training.

3. Transportations costs Unless there are some unique agreements signed between Solax and the customers (the distributors), the warranty covers only the cost of materials and labor work that makes the products functional. Besides, the transportation costs of replacement units, including shipments, duties, import & export fees, are covered by this warranty in European Unions, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland, excluding their affiliated islands and overseas territories.

4. Warranty Period Solax warrants, on the terms and conditions set out below, that:

Product Warranty Period
X1/X3-Hybrid-G4; X1/X3-Fit-G4

5 years standard warranty + 5 years parts warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed.
9 months after the date of production.

X1-Hybrid/Fit, X3-Hybrid/Fit, X1-AC; X3-MAX; X3-MEGA-G1

5 years standard warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed

9 months after the date of production

X1-MINI/Boost/Smart; X3-MIC-G1 & G2; X3-MIC Pro-G1;
X3-MIC Pro-G2

10 years standard warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed

9 months after the date of production

X3-MEGA-G2; X3-Forth;

5 years standard warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed

9 months after the date of production

Accessories-1: Meter/CT, Pocket/Lan/4G, V1000, DataHub, X1/X3-EPS Box, X1/X3-Mate Box; Adaptor Box

2 years standard warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed;

9 months after the date of production;

Off-grid eps parallel Box; BMS Parallel Box;

5 years standard warranty, starting from the earlier one of the following two dates:

The date on which the product was first installed;

9 months after the date of production;

5 years parts warranty: The warranty covers only the cost of hardware material required to get the device functioning again. It excludes any inbound/outbound transportation costs or labor costs of replacement/on-site service.

In the event of product replacement, the remaining warranty period shall be transferred to the subsitutive product. Solax will automatically register such replacement, and you will not be provided a new certification. If the remaining warranty period is less than 1 year, the warranty period of the device and its substitute will be extended to 1 year automatically.

5. Warranty Registration The direct customers who have purchased Solax products (Solax inverters and accessories) shall register these products and upload the information (such as the original purchase invoice, inverter SN, and contact information) within 90 days from the date of commissioning of the products (register online: ). If a customer fails to register a Solax product before the deadline, the product warranty period will be counted automatically from 6 months after the manufacturing date.

6. Warranty Extension A warranty extension of 5 or 10 years of limited warranty extension can be purchased from Solax’s authorized distributors for the mentioned inverter no later than 6 months after its first installation date (or 12 months after production date). For the warranty extension price, please contact with Solax. A unique code (Promotion code) will be provided after the purchase of an extended warranty. The new warranty period of the units will automatically include the extended warranty and the remaining warranty. Solax has the rights to increase the payment standard for warranty extension or reject any application received at a later point of time.

7. Warranty Claim Procedure
For a warranty claim, the following information needs to be provided: A completed warranty claim form ( —Solax RMA form; A copy of your original invoice, receipt, commissioning report, or any other document which can prove the purchase of the inverter or accessory and/or extended warranty, or the date of installation;

Solax reserves the right to reject the warranty claim:

  • If you fail to provide the above-mentioned information;
  • If the product (Solax inverter or/and accessory) is replaced without the prior consent of Solax;
  • If the defect that is claimed is not caused by defective materials or workmanship;

For the claimant, please contact the local distributor where the product was purchased, or the installer who installed the inverter, they will contact with Solax if necessary. If the claimant was unable to obtain service from them, or was NOT satisfied with their service, the claimant can escalate their service request by contacting with Solax service team ( or make a claim to Solax via official website . Solax will seek reimbursement of all costs (labour, travel, delivery, and/or replacement units that have been sent) incurred from the claimant if the product is found to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, or if the product is found not to be covered by this Limited Warranty. Note that under no circumstances will Solax reimburse the end user for loss of generation.

8. Warranty Limitations This limited warranty applies to products sold after date of 1st Jan 2022, and sold through Solax or authorized resellers. The defective parts or units replaced under a warranty claim become the properties of Solax, and must be returned to Solax or Authorized Cooperated Partners (distributors) for inspection with the original or equivalent packaging. The product is not covered by warranty in the following cases:

A. The product is out of the warranty period; B. Product failure is not reported to Solax within one month of appearance;

C. Failed to comply with Solax installation manual or maintenance instructions for the inverter or accessory;

D. Failed to comply with the safety rules and regulations in respect of the inverter or accessory;

E. The inverter or accessory is damaged during transportation but the claimant has signed the delivery receipt (which requests the claimant to double check the outside & inside of the package and take pictures as evidence before signing the delivery receipt);

F. The replaced products have not been returned to Solax or cooperated partners (distributors) within 30 days; G. The defect is caused by improper usage of the product or failure to comply with the usage of the product for purposes other than those for which the product was designed or intended;

H. The product is moved for any reason after it has been installed (regardless of whether it has been reinstalled subsequently or moved back to the same location) unless it is reinstalled at the same address by a qualified installer who has provided a test report to Solax.

I. The damage or defect is caused by lightning, flood, fire, power surge, corrosion, pest damage, actions of a third-party, or any other force majeure factors;

J. The damage or defect is caused by embedded or external software or hardware (eg. the devices to control the inverters or the devices to control battery charging or discharging) from third parties without authorization (agreement in writing) from Solax;

K. The product is modified or altered (including the cases in which the product series number or product label is altered, removed, or defaced);

L. Flaws (eg. any external scratch or stain, or nature material wearing which does not represent a defect) that do not adversely affect the proper functioning of the inverter or accessory

M. Normal wear or tear;

N. Travel and subsistence expenses as well as on-site installation, modification and normal maintenance costs; O. Duties, import/export fees or costs and other general administrative costs;

The substitute inverter or accessory with technical improvement may not be entirely compatible with the remaining components of the photovoltaic system. The costs incurred as a consequence will not be covered by the warranty or extended warranty. Furthermore, all other costs including but not limited to compensation from direct or indirect damages arising from the defective device or other facilities of the PV system, or loss of power generated during the product downtime are not covered by this warranty. In any other case, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, the maximum compensation for customer losses caused by its faults shall not exceed the amount paid by the customer for the purchase of the equipment.

9. Service after Warranty Expiration For products which are out of warranty or invalidation, Solax provides an additional charge service, which includes the on-site service fee, materials fee, labor cost, and logistic fee:

  • On-site service fee: Travel cost and time for the technician to deliver on-site services and the cost of labor time for the technician to install, analyse, repair, test and maintain faculty products;
  • Materials fee: Cost of replacing the parts or units or any other relevant materials; 
  • Logistic fee: Cost of delivery, including the costs of sending the defective products from end users to Solax, or/and the costs of sending the repaired products from Solax to end users

10. Geographical Scope This Limited Warranty terms and conditions only apply for the products which are originally purchased from Solax’s authorized channels and installed in the destination defined within the European Union countries, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland, unless there are specially agreements signed between Solax and the direct purchaser. For any units sold for one country/region but installed in another country/region, the warranty will become invalid if there is no written confirmation/approval from Solax prior to the installation.

Special Point Out Regarding


I. For Hybrid inverters installed with Triple Power batteries:

  • The default minimum capacity is 10% (can be changed to a higher level). During night time (no PV), when the battery is discharged to the minimum capacity, usually it will go into the “Idle mode” or “Standby mode”. However, the whole hybrid system is still consuming power. Therefore, you may see that the battery capacity sometimes goes down to low than 10%. When the battery capacity is down to 5% (protection level), it will trigger a charging demand, which requests charging from grid until it goes back to the normal minimum capacity level, it may happen in the night time or during winter time when there is no enough PV production or during bad weather days. This is a normal behaviour and won’t affect the battery life.
  • It is recommended to force charging battery from grid timely during bad weather (like continuous snowstorm, raining, cloudy days), so as to ensure that the battery won’t be fully discharged (0 capacity) under such situations. Besides, manually switching off the whole system is a good choice as well when under such conditions.
  • When adding a new extra battery to the existing system, it is requested that the new battery has the same capacity level with the existing battery system before it is added (pre-charge the original battery system and new battery to the full capacity, and then install them together), please check triple power battery user manual regarding this point;
  • When charging a battery from grid, consider its self-consumption during this process. The total energy taken from grid won’t be completely the same as the total energy discharged from the battery system. Hence, the warranty claim under such conditions will not be accepted.

II. For Hybrid inverters installed in completely off-grid settings: 

  • It is requested that off-grid installation is inspected annually by a qualified electrician and recorded in form of documentation. Failure to comply with the described requirement to maintain the equipment may invalidate any warranty claims;
  • For better analysis and troubleshooting in case of a warranty claim, it is recommended that the customer register the inverter system online; otherwise, the customer will need to provide detailed information in Solax RMA form for the warranty claim;
  • The load installed with an off-grid system shall be calculated on the basis of its rated power; otherwise, it may have EPS Overload fault during night time or when there is not enough production from PV and battery, especially for inductive loads. Damages to inverters caused by incorrect installation will not be covered by the warranty.

*This Limited Warranty is a basic warranty promise from Solax to the end users. In certain countries/regions, end users may receive an additional warranty promise (should be at least equivalent to the manufacturer’s warranty) which is provided by Solax’s local distributors; should any claims arise in this respect, please direct them to the local distributor. Please note this limited warranty statement may NOT be the latest version, if any needs, please contact with Solax to get the latest version.

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