SolaX Storm Into AC Storage Market

November 2017 saw the release of our long awaited AC charger, a product that has been subject to thorough research and development over the course of the last year to ensure that it was able to compete and beat the current AC offerings already available on the market. The AC retrofit model can be installed on existing PV installations alongside the existing string inverter, on new systems that require charge from grid flexibility, but also in properties with no solar – enabling the end user to store cheap overnight electricity for use during high-tariff periods. Offering a staggering 96% AC to battery & 97% Battery to DC efficiencies, these numbers stand out amongst the current AC products on the market.

The AC charging unit has been designed to retro-fit to existing DC pv systems with a string inverter, enabling people on the high FiT to add battery storage without having their payments affected. As well as being able to charge your batteries from the generated solar power, the AC system allows you to engage in ‘rate arbitrage’ – storing energy when it is cheaper at night and running your home from the batteries when rates go up. The SolaX AC charger really does enable you to become totally energy independent.

The SolaX AC charger comes with enhanced control features. A new platform for system aggregation that will allow for multiple installations to be controlled remotely is currently under development and will be released shortly.

You can download the AC charger datasheet here.