SolaX Reaffirm Commitment To AC & DC Storage Solutions


SolaX Power is set to launch their long-awaited AC-coupled charger this spring, but does this mark a shift away from their traditional DC coupled X-Hybrid model?

Craig Woollaston, European Product Manger for SolaX Power, says not:

“There is a definite market shift towards AC-coupled systems, owing to their flexibility and suitability as a retro-fit option for existing PV installations, as well as being a solution for charging batteries from the grid in order to exploit peak/off-peak price differentials.

“At SolaX we identified this market shift some time ago, and have been busy developing a market-leading AC-coupled system which we will be launching imminently.

“However, our commitment to the X-Hybrid DC-coupled system remains as strong as ever.  X-Hybrid is our flagship product and sales continue to grow across all of our biggest global markets.”

The X-Hybrid from SolaX has been the world’s biggest-selling hybrid inverter since its launch in 2013.  Tens of thousands of storage systems using X-Hybrid have been installed globally, and the product continues to evolve.  The third generation model of X-Hybrid, and a new 3-phase version are set to be launched in coming months.  Craig Woollaston explains why sales of DC-coupled systems continue to grow:

“There are scenarios where DC-coupled is still the most sensible solution.  When installed with solar PV, a DC-coupled system will offer greater overall efficiency, offering the end user a better return on their investment than if they were to opt for an AC-coupled option, especially where there is no appetite for charging batteries from the grid – and even then, charge from grid is still possible, and is a standard feature, one that can be activated in the UK with the addition of an approved two-way meter.

“There is also a growing demand for fully off-grid systems where grid connection is not feasible, and also for systems installed where grid connectivity is intermittent, and where there is this heavy reliance on energy from PV and batteries, a DC-coupled solution is preferable.”

It is clear that there is a growing demand for both AC and DC storage solutions, and SolaX Power remains committed to both options for the foreseeable future.

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