SolaX Power partners with Tigo Energy Inc.

Tigo Extends UL-certified Rapid Shutdown System with SolaX PV-Inverter.
The partnership fulfills the mandatory NEC 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown specifications for residential and C&I rooftop solar installations. 

SolaX Power is proud to announce our partnership with Tigo Energy, Inc., pioneers of the smart modular Flex MLPE, who recently announced the new Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification of its TS4 Platform Rapid Shutdown Systems(RSS). The eight SolaX inverters listed below were successfully tested with Tigo’s RSS solutions: the cost-effective TS4-F (Fire Safety) with the RSS Transmitter as well as the TS4-O (Optimization) & TS4-L (Long String). Tigo is currently shipping with SolaX and more tier one certified inverter manufacturing partners throughout the U.S. Contact Tigo for more information about this Rapid Shutdown System for module integrated or retrofitted PV installations.

The use of Tigo smart modules and high efficiency inverters allows design flexibility for installers to comply with National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown regulations. To learn more about Tigo’s RSS solutions, join Tigo’s online NABCEP-accredited trainings.

The following SolaX inverters are newly UL listed as a Rapid Shutdown System with Tigo’s TS4 units:

TS4-F (Fire Safety) & RSS Transmitter
The most cost-effective RSS solution with SunSpec-defined power-line communication.

 ∙A1-Hybrid-6.0-US       ∙A1-FIT-6.0

 ∙A1-Hybrid-7.0-US       ∙A1-FIT-7.0

 ∙A1-Hybrid-7.6-US       ∙A1-FIT-7.6

 ∙A1-Hybrid-8.6-US       ∙A1-FIT-8.6

TS4-O (Optimization) & TS4-L (Long Strings)
The only certified multi-vendor RSS solutions on the market include additional features like optimization or long string designs.

 ∙A1-Hybrid-6.0-US      ∙A1-FIT-6.0

 ∙A1-Hybrid-7.0-US      ∙A1-FIT-7.0

 ∙A1-Hybrid-7.6-US      ∙A1-FIT-7.6

 ∙A1-Hybrid-8.6-US      ∙A1-FIT-8.6

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About Tigo Energy, Inc.

Tigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. Tigo’s vision is to leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the smartest TS4 modular platform and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Japan, China, Australia, and the Middle East. Visit