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SolaX Power Europe have devised a training programme for UK based installers of the X-Hybrid, X1 and X3 range of inverters. This one day course takes place at our UK head office in Warwickshire. Upon successful completion of the course (following a short exam) and HIES accreditation, the installer will be awarded ‘Premium Installer’ status.

To achieve Affiliate Partner status with HIES, SolaX underwent a rigorous accreditation process that examined solvency, ethos, procedures and ensured that processes are in place to ensure our customers and consumers are treated fairly.

Our promise is simple and echoes that of HIES, in that we are fair to our customers, fair to consumers and ensure that a consumer is NEVER disadvantaged from the moment they sign a contract to the end of the warranty provided by their installer. The HIES message is endorsed by Nick Ross, it’s Ambassador and former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter.

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CompanyNameCertificate No.Date Issued
Warmer home Improvements John Cundell 100364-01 24th April 2019
E.ON Solar and Storage Stuart Norman 100363-02 24th April 2019
E.ON Solar and Storage Darren Brown 100363-01 24th April 2019
PH Technical Services (SW) LTD James Horwell 100362-02 24th April 2019
PH Technical Services (SW) LTD Paul Hill 100362-01 24th April 2019
GH Installations LTD Graham Holland 100361 27th March 2019
Saracon International LTD Craig Shaw 100360 27th March 2019
Solen Energy Terry Hughes 100359-02 27th March 2019
Solen Energy Neil Topping 100359-01 27th March 2019
Mr Charger Stuart Harnblow 100358-02 27th March 2019
Mr Charger Martin Wells 100358-01 27th March 2019
Evergen Rabi Chowdhury 100357 27th March 2019
Segen Jordan Wiley 100356 27th March 2019
Eco-electric LTD Frankie Diamond 100355 27th March 2019
RJW Electrical & Solar lTD Richard Wilson 100354 4th April 2019
Fresh Electricals Andrew Karlettis 100353 1st March 2019
Valo Home Andrew Karlettis 100352 28th February 2019
Callidus Brian Lee 100351-06 21st February 2019
Callidus Craig Johnson 100351-05 21st February 2019
Callidus Chris Barber 100351-04 21st February 2019

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We have devised a database of SolaX Premium Installers and mapped their locations across the country. Please the use the interactive map to left to find an installation company closest to yourself, we have also added each of their contact details.

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