Become A Certificated Installer

Australian Solax Hybrid Academy

Training in person

We hold seminars for installers who are willing to come onsite and get familiar with our products in person. Our experienced engineers are more than happy to help you out. You will receive a certificate after training.

Learn online

Our webinars for Australian installers are holding more frequently than seminars. We keep our webinar contents updated and useful. Webinar information will be announced a week in advance on our regional homepage, Facebook and Linkedin.

Are you ready to get a certificate?

Our new training framework

Currently we are holding webinars for Australian installers, which will help you to get familiar with our latest products, and you can attend our webinars through a website link using your electronic devices. Also, you may have an online communication with our solar experts. Moreover, we are preparing our site for holding seminars,  which will be a great opportunity to learn in-depth of Solax products and gain hands-on experience.

Why is it important?

Should I Become
A Certifcated Installer?

The X-Hybrid battery storage inverter is a unique product which requires specialist installer knowledge. it is important that the installer has the requisite amount of training to ensure that the BMS (Battery Management System) is configured correctly in order that the system works as efficiently as possible.

Our aim is to protect consumers, installers and the SolaX brand by ensuring that when our product is installed in a domestic setting, it is sold in a clear, consistent and fair manner and installed professionally, in accordance with our training. After finishing our training, you will receive a well-designed Solax certificate. 

Book On A Certificated Installer Training Course

Once your booking request is received, we will issue an invoice via paypal. This is charged at AUD$20 per person. Your booking will not be fully confirmed until payment has been made. Training sessions take place at our office in Nunawading, VIC 3131.

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