Solax Won Zhejiang Province First Set of Key Industry Production Awards for Two Consecutive Years

From 2015 to now, SolaX has won three First Set of Key Industry Production awards.

In 2015 SolaX “SK-SU5000 Intelligent PV Energy Storage Grid-connected Inverter” was selected as First Set of Key Industry Production 2015.

In 2018 “SOLAXB0X Integrated PV Energy Storage System (SK-TL5000E+SK-BMU5000)” was selected as First Set of Key Industry Production 2018.

In 2019 “Three-phase Energy Storage Inverter SOLAXX3-Hybrid” was selected as First Set of Key Industry Production 2019.

SolaX has been independently researching and developing energy storage inverter series products for many years and has become a pioneer in the field. SolaX’s achievements and continue breakthroughs in years have made it one of the backbones in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry In Zhejiang province.

With the core technology, SolaX’s energy storage series products have taken up much more market share in the international market. But SolaX never stops the pace of innovation.

In 2020, SolaX will continue to enhance independent innovation capabilities, and constantly increase the research and development of high-end complete sets of equipment and core component systems. Our commitment is to keep promoting the overall level of the province and the country’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerating the breakthrough in key areas to make an excellent example and shared best practices to other companies on their pursuit of sustainable development.